Becoming an Undesirable

“One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.”

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Sweeping the day away

When the kids have gone home, the sand remains: Passing by a window, I saw a person calmly sweeping the floor, presumably in a kindergarten. This snapshot lingered with me as I made my way home. It reminds me of the joys of play and exploration… even if they sometimes bring in a bit of grime and dust!

Colorful illustration of a person sweeping dust at a kindergarten, seen through a window

Doodle by @pyrhoska (Elisa P), January 2018

Our universal faces

What happens, when we become desensitised to the countless faces we sweep by each day in our visual feeds? What remains, when a face is distorted or hidden?

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Little messages

I recently ran across three examples of using copywriting to surprise and charm. For a moment, each of these items seemed to be saying in it’s own way, “thank you for your purchase and welcome again”:

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Seeing, Not Seeing

Walking past a cafeteria today, the dynamic of this perhaps-a-couple caught my eye. The expression on the woman’s face keeps haunting me…

Sketch of a couple sitting in a busy cafe. The man seems fixated on his phone and meal. The woman stares at the man, looking forlorn and disappointed.

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2017.

Winter furs

As I was walking home, a highschool student was heading in the opposite direction. She had this fluffy, fur lined parka and long, straightened hair. The contrast of these two was visually striking.

Illustration of a highschool student walking in winter clothes, with long straight hair cascading own from within a fur lined hoodie

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), Winter 16/17

Animal sense

Doodling with 53’s Paper app is fun. Using the roller brush in particular feels magical – and oddly soothing.

Imagine an illustration of animals, forming a brightly colored pattern that can be rotated and viewed from multiple angles

Illustration by Elisa Pyrhönen

Subversive Pantone #2

The Pantone color duo for the year 2016 is ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’: a sweet and nicely named pair, isn’t it? At the same time, this week in news feels less uplifting, raising questions of…

Moral obligation in pale pink and blue over a faintly visible cloud

Sketch by @pyrhoska, (Elisa P)

Subversive Pantone #1

The introduction to the Pantone color duo of the year 2016, ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’, promises “wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace”. But however soft and appealing, what if it get’s ugly under the surface?

I wanted to explore this contrast, sparked by these two articles I happened to come across roughly at the same time…

an almost violet pastel blue goat pattern on a pale rose background

‘Lost cashmere goats’ pattern by @pyrhoska (Elisa P)

Art Safari #2

I like looking at art in museums. But there are those empty moments, questions and doubts as you walk past a lonely museum workshop room… What would it take for visitors to become more engaged? What would it take for an art museum to be more inclusive, social and playful?

a mobile page displaying a weekly art-related question, podcast and transcript links, as well as images of two contributors shown with three examples

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Portraits via pixabay

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Art Safari #1

There’s an art museum in Stockholm (or was it Munich?) that has installed a special system: Step too close to a painting and you will hear a soft warning sound, nudging you to take a step back. As you stroll through the display rooms you’ll hear a steady stream of these tones sounding from all around the museum… but what if you could get that up and close to an art piece?

two smartphone screens: one showing a painting in full screen, another zoomed in very close

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // ‘Prophet Joel’ by Michelangelo, via Wikipedia

Illustrating a flow of zooming in and out of a image of a painting

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Last Judgement by Hieronymus Bosch, via Wikipedia

Everyday Scifi #1

Digital interface of a scifi system analysing a fitness boxers' performance in real time

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Images by Calibe Thomson for Miami Fitness TV, via Flickr

Comicminds learn differently

Ever since taking Chemistry, I’ve never fully trusted molecules to be quite as I expected…


Imagining a benzene molecule as a ring dance of carbon atoms holding hydrogen atom balloons while reaching out with their fourth 'bond'

Excerpt from Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, and a doodle by @pyrhoska (Elisa P)

When our eyes meet

Well met stranger: a weathered, old man on the street with a friendly smile and a wink

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

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