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Our universal faces

What happens, when we become desensitised to the countless faces we sweep by each day in our visual feeds? What remains, when a face is distorted or hidden?

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Fur Bom Bom Beanie

Last year, it was the red cap that stood out in Helsinki winter street style. This year a knit beanie, preferably with a fur pom pom on top, has seemed like a popular choice for the ladies

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Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD by gnd on Vimeo.

A powerful documentary that derives much of its impressiveness from hearing maker culture talk. As Fortune summarizes in a recent article, there are three common elements to this movement: passionate participants, local communities, and global sharing.

Insights on Paying: Designing Banking

In Nov 2011 I was standing in a hotel room in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on the lookout for glimpses of activities in the neighbourhood. Towering behind a block of closely built houses I saw a credit card advertisement promoting the wonders of online shopping. It struck me as mocking, since most of the people in this block were far more likely to conduct their digital transactions using feature phones, as a rapidly growing extension to a cash-only economy.
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Hat Populaire Autumn/Winter 2013/2013

Portrait of Jacques-Yves Cousteau in red parka and signature cap

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 – 1997)

This year’s winter fashion icon is settled: Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997)
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It’s time again for some visual identity makeover comparisons! This time with Microsoft, Kookenkä, Musta Pörssi and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. Not a particularly even listing, isn’t it?
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Communicating Corporate Redesign

‘Third time’s the charm’. A short while ago I posted on three Finnish companies’ rebrands during the naughties. Now I’ve encountered two very different corporations that have recently published a redesign of their brand that certainly go for the set edges: Metsäliitto, a Finnish forest industry group founded in 1947 and music channel VIVA, part of MTV Germany and launched in 1993. I found it quite interesting to compare the two trailers to see how the new image is communicated.
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Visual Identity Rebrands in the Naughties

Think friendly ovals and squares with corners to still retain an edge and sharp looks, say goodbye to 90’s boxy looks.

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This year’s fur – last year’s cap

this and last year's fashion interest spottings

Last year it was the ‘Svea’ knit caps that, suddenly, a good deal of the female teenage population seemed to don. Over the last week I have spotted some teenagers (boys and girls) wearing a cotton or flannel check shirt and a fur cap.
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