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Becoming an Undesirable

“One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.”

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Little messages

I recently ran across three examples of using copywriting to surprise and charm. For a moment, each of these items seemed to be saying in it’s own way, “thank you for your purchase and welcome again”:

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Comicminds learn differently

Ever since taking Chemistry, I’ve never fully trusted molecules to be quite as I expected…


Imagining a benzene molecule as a ring dance of carbon atoms holding hydrogen atom balloons while reaching out with their fourth 'bond'

Excerpt from Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, and a doodle by @pyrhoska (Elisa P)

Delightfully Grimm Games

We’ve been telling creepy fireside stories throughout the ages. Glowing embers might be much harder to find these days, but a luminous screen will do just as well: Here’s a recap of three beautifully designed, morbid games that cater to a our weakness for fairy tales…

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Dramatizing reading

Media cross-over ahead! I’ve found me some book trailers. Now, I’m wondering what kind of amazing potential this must hold for those who do self-publishing. Here are some examples from various categories: advertising, specialty coffee and teens.
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stop-motion animation + logo design for joulukotiin.fi – I had fun drawing!

Quick Design Challenge

A smart phone app for Calvin Klein displaying a clock and videos sensitive to daily rhythm, changing content according to time. A half-day, in-course design challenge.
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Creating engagement using the power of play. Via the99percent.


Try this small exercise: Name three values you personally find relevant. Concepts that you hold in high esteem, that define you and the way you see the world. Here are three of mine, illustrated.
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New Year’s Emotions

A prosperous and happy New Year for us all! I went to Senaatintori for the countdown for 2012 and most importantly, for the kickoff of Word Design Capital 2012. But for this post I will write about the fireworks at London, for that is what I’m gushing about more at the moment.
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Seven eggs packed

After wondering about the Dutch bubble gum packages I hit another interesting example about package design in my local grocery store.

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