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Sweeping the day away

When the kids have gone home, the sand remains: Passing by a window, I saw a person calmly sweeping the floor, presumably in a kindergarten. This snapshot lingered with me as I made my way home. It reminds me of the joys of play and exploration… even if they sometimes bring in a bit of grime and dust!

Colorful illustration of a person sweeping dust at a kindergarten, seen through a window

Doodle by @pyrhoska (Elisa P), January 2018

Seeing, Not Seeing

Walking past a cafeteria today, the dynamic of this perhaps-a-couple caught my eye. The expression on the woman’s face keeps haunting me…

Sketch of a couple sitting in a busy cafe. The man seems fixated on his phone and meal. The woman stares at the man, looking forlorn and disappointed.

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2017.

Winter furs

As I was walking home, a highschool student was heading in the opposite direction. She had this fluffy, fur lined parka and long, straightened hair. The contrast of these two was visually striking.

Illustration of a highschool student walking in winter clothes, with long straight hair cascading own from within a fur lined hoodie

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), Winter 16/17

When our eyes meet

Well met stranger: a weathered, old man on the street with a friendly smile and a wink

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Empty moments

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Going home after a long day

After work commute: A middle-aged man in crumpled suit and casual bag browsing on a tablet in a bus

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

A treasure just out of reach

A treasure just out of reach: a boy trying to reach a 'close this windo

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Walk With Me

What makes pics of your feet / toes out and about so popular? Maybe its the idea of capturing what you see. Perhaps it is the fit for reproduction without much effort on modification. We might also be attracted to the ability of photos (albums) to freeze a place and moment in time.
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Objects that Stare

grater side appearing to have a smiley face

This just makes me happy

stamped metal train seat backs with an apparently lost look

I always thought it was the commute under fluorescent lights that made the atmosphere drained in our local trains

wall mounted toilet flush button giving you a blank stare while raised toilet seat peaks to see you

Tell-tale looks

Zero Emissions Car

An unique man-powered urban vehicle spotted at Arabia! Two bicycles attached together with a canvas spanned between to serve as storage. The father rode the bicycle on the ride, but I suspect that it can be steered from either side.

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