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Our universal faces

What happens, when we become desensitised to the countless faces we sweep by each day in our visual feeds? What remains, when a face is distorted or hidden?

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Little messages

I recently ran across three examples of using copywriting to surprise and charm. For a moment, each of these items seemed to be saying in it’s own way, “thank you for your purchase and welcome again”:

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Delightfully Grimm Games

We’ve been telling creepy fireside stories throughout the ages. Glowing embers might be much harder to find these days, but a luminous screen will do just as well: Here’s a recap of three beautifully designed, morbid games that cater to a our weakness for fairy tales…

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Crisp, rich, and colorful

Yesterday was the final day for visiting Galerie Forsblum ehibitions for Jenni Hiltunen‘s ‘Endless nameless’ and Ryan McGinness‘ ‘Women & Mindscapes’.
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Dramatizing reading

Media cross-over ahead! I’ve found me some book trailers. Now, I’m wondering what kind of amazing potential this must hold for those who do self-publishing. Here are some examples from various categories: advertising, specialty coffee and teens.
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A manifesto

rhapsody for my thesis

minimanifesto - why do we desing, why do we research? design is never finished

Aging with Grace

soft-worn cardboard aged beautifully – so wabi-sabi

old round paper needle box and pocket mirror leatherlike cardboard case


It’s time again for some visual identity makeover comparisons! This time with Microsoft, Kookenkä, Musta Pörssi and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. Not a particularly even listing, isn’t it?
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Hands Dancing on Air

Musical instruments are ultimate displays of craft. But what happens to form when a cello no longer requires a wooden resonant chamber to function – but uses an electric amplifier instead?

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Step Up – Hidden Exercise

The range, quality and types of sports equipment and services are improving greatly. However, if you speak of architecture, city planning or interior design, what are the ways to create integrated solutions that encourage people to naturally, happily, or without even noticing, to take those extra steps? Check these projects for some inspiration.

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Tracing Motion

Core77 just ran a post today on the latest wave of French designs. What caught my eye were the candlesticks, lamp and vase which crisp form is based on Studio Nocc’s two designer’s audio recording (1). This reminded me of some other motion studies with almost over a century of time in between of their creation.
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Creating engagement using the power of play. Via the99percent.

Communicating Corporate Redesign

‘Third time’s the charm’. A short while ago I posted on three Finnish companies’ rebrands during the naughties. Now I’ve encountered two very different corporations that have recently published a redesign of their brand that certainly go for the set edges: Metsäliitto, a Finnish forest industry group founded in 1947 and music channel VIVA, part of MTV Germany and launched in 1993. I found it quite interesting to compare the two trailers to see how the new image is communicated.
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