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A manifesto

rhapsody for my thesis

minimanifesto - why do we desing, why do we research? design is never finished

Field Work Learnings

Over 80% of my projects in the last two years have contained some form of contextual and participatory research: interviews and observation have been primarily represented but other approaches involved were design probes, design games and other workshop tools, walk-along, focus groups and mystery shopping. What practical lessons have I learned so far?

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Alusta Project for Sanomatalo

Last week we were preparing for the upcoming interviews and building up our project space. Here’s the update on our Sanomatalo project.
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Design Strategies of the Intangible

Social design, organization design, system design and design thinking overall…. the biggest trend being service design. User centered and user inspired design has set the stage for a bit longer already. These are topics that industrial designers are more and more dealing with. But how can the core competencies of designers be set on these areas, or do they need to change? What can designers do better (and therefore sell it) than other professionals? Evaluating myself, my education and career directions make this a question of high personal interest.
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