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Sweeping the day away

When the kids have gone home, the sand remains: Passing by a window, I saw a person calmly sweeping the floor, presumably in a kindergarten. This snapshot lingered with me as I made my way home. It reminds me of the joys of play and exploration… even if they sometimes bring in a bit of grime and dust!

Colorful illustration of a person sweeping dust at a kindergarten, seen through a window

Doodle by @pyrhoska (Elisa P), January 2018

Our universal faces

What happens, when we become desensitised to the countless faces we sweep by each day in our visual feeds? What remains, when a face is distorted or hidden?

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Little messages

I recently ran across three examples of using copywriting to surprise and charm. For a moment, each of these items seemed to be saying in it’s own way, “thank you for your purchase and welcome again”:

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Seeing, Not Seeing

Walking past a cafeteria today, the dynamic of this perhaps-a-couple caught my eye. The expression on the woman’s face keeps haunting me…

Sketch of a couple sitting in a busy cafe. The man seems fixated on his phone and meal. The woman stares at the man, looking forlorn and disappointed.

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2017.

Winter furs

As I was walking home, a highschool student was heading in the opposite direction. She had this fluffy, fur lined parka and long, straightened hair. The contrast of these two was visually striking.

Illustration of a highschool student walking in winter clothes, with long straight hair cascading own from within a fur lined hoodie

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), Winter 16/17

When our eyes meet

Well met stranger: a weathered, old man on the street with a friendly smile and a wink

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Empty moments

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Going home after a long day

After work commute: A middle-aged man in crumpled suit and casual bag browsing on a tablet in a bus

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

A treasure just out of reach

A treasure just out of reach: a boy trying to reach a 'close this windo

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Aging with Grace

soft-worn cardboard aged beautifully – so wabi-sabi

old round paper needle box and pocket mirror leatherlike cardboard case

Field Work Learnings

Over 80% of my projects in the last two years have contained some form of contextual and participatory research: interviews and observation have been primarily represented but other approaches involved were design probes, design games and other workshop tools, walk-along, focus groups and mystery shopping. What practical lessons have I learned so far?

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Objects that Stare

grater side appearing to have a smiley face

This just makes me happy

stamped metal train seat backs with an apparently lost look

I always thought it was the commute under fluorescent lights that made the atmosphere drained in our local trains

wall mounted toilet flush button giving you a blank stare while raised toilet seat peaks to see you

Tell-tale looks

Zero Emissions Car

An unique man-powered urban vehicle spotted at Arabia! Two bicycles attached together with a canvas spanned between to serve as storage. The father rode the bicycle on the ride, but I suspect that it can be steered from either side.

Collective outdoor lounge

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