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Animal sense

Imagine an illustration of animals, forming a brightly colored pattern that can be rotated and viewed from multiple angles

Illustration by Elisa Pyrhönen


Doodling with 53’s Paper app is fun. Using the roller brush in particular feels magical – and oddly soothing.

A treasure just out of reach

A treasure just out of reach: a boy trying to reach a 'close this windo

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Crisp, rich, and colorful

Yesterday was the final day for visiting Galerie Forsblum ehibitions for Jenni Hiltunen‘s ‘Endless nameless’ and Ryan McGinness‘ ‘Women & Mindscapes’.
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Try this small exercise: Name three values you personally find relevant. Concepts that you hold in high esteem, that define you and the way you see the world. Here are three of mine, illustrated.
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