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Seeing, Not Seeing

Sketch of a couple sitting in a busy cafe. The man seems fixated on his phone and meal. The woman stares at the man, looking forlorn and disappointed.

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2017. Pen on paper + Photoshop grayscale fill.

Walking past a cafeteria today, the dynamic of this perhaps-a-couple caught my eye. The expression on the woman’s face keeps haunting me.

Winter furs

Illustration of a highschool student walking in winter clothes, with long straight hair cascading own from within a fur lined hoodie

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), Winter 16/17

As I was walking home, a highschool student was heading in the opposite direction. She had this fur lined parka and long, straightened hair.

Animal sense

Imagine an illustration of animals, forming a brightly colored pattern that can be rotated and viewed from multiple angles

Illustration by Elisa Pyrhönen

Doodling with 53’s Paper app is fun. Using the roller brush in particular feels magical – and oddly soothing.

Comicminds learn differently

Imagining a benzene molecule as a ring dance of carbon atoms holding hydrogen atom balloons while reaching out with their fourth 'bond'

Ever since taking Chemistry, I’ve never fully trusted molecules to be quite as I expected.

When our eyes meet

Well met stranger: a weathered, old man on the street with a friendly smile and a wink

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Empty moments

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Going home after a long day

After work commute: A middle-aged man in crumpled suit and casual bag browsing on a tablet in a bus

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

A treasure just out of reach

A treasure just out of reach: a boy trying to reach a 'close this windo

Ink and illustrator. By Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2014

Have we met before?

reality mix, Eva meets trash bin

Illustrator training // Photo & illustration by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), 2011

A Love Story

a coat and scarves, perfect love story

I just couldn’t resist…! Again, seeing faces everywhere when you stare into space.

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