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Art Safari #2

I like looking at art in museums. But there are those empty moments, questions and doubts as you walk past a lonely museum workshop room… What would it take for visitors to become more engaged? What would it take for an art museum to be more inclusive, social and playful?

a mobile page displaying a weekly art-related question, podcast and transcript links, as well as images of two contributors shown with three examples

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Portraits via pixabay

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Art Safari #1

There’s an art museum in Stockholm (or was it Munich?) that has installed a special system: Step too close to a painting and you will hear a soft warning sound, nudging you to take a step back. As you stroll through the display rooms you’ll hear a steady stream of these tones sounding from all around the museum… but what if you could get that up and close to an art piece?

two smartphone screens: one showing a painting in full screen, another zoomed in very close

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // ‘Prophet Joel’ by Michelangelo, via Wikipedia

Illustrating a flow of zooming in and out of a image of a painting

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Last Judgement by Hieronymus Bosch, via Wikipedia

Designers aiming for social impact in the healthcare sector need not only pay attention to patients, but the needs, capabilities, desires and creativity of professionals trained to provide health care.
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A manifesto

rhapsody for my thesis

minimanifesto - why do we desing, why do we research? design is never finished


stop-motion animation + logo design for joulukotiin.fi – I had fun drawing!

Hands Dancing on Air

Musical instruments are ultimate displays of craft. But what happens to form when a cello no longer requires a wooden resonant chamber to function – but uses an electric amplifier instead?

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Step Up – Hidden Exercise

The range, quality and types of sports equipment and services are improving greatly. However, if you speak of architecture, city planning or interior design, what are the ways to create integrated solutions that encourage people to naturally, happily, or without even noticing, to take those extra steps? Check these projects for some inspiration.

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Tracing Motion

Core77 just ran a post today on the latest wave of French designs. What caught my eye were the candlesticks, lamp and vase which crisp form is based on Studio Nocc’s two designer’s audio recording (1). This reminded me of some other motion studies with almost over a century of time in between of their creation.
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Alusta Project for Sanomatalo

Last week we were preparing for the upcoming interviews and building up our project space. Here’s the update on our Sanomatalo project.
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Service Prototyping

"printed service customization ticket for seniors, front side illustrated with a bird on a twig""printed service customization ticket for seniors, backside for instruction"
Quick mock-up created for a service idea for senior citizens, done in Illustrator

Quick Design Challenge

A smart phone app for Calvin Klein displaying a clock and videos sensitive to daily rhythm, changing content according to time. A half-day, in-course design challenge.
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Creating engagement using the power of play. Via the99percent.

Design Strategies of the Intangible

Social design, organization design, system design and design thinking overall…. the biggest trend being service design. User centered and user inspired design has set the stage for a bit longer already. These are topics that industrial designers are more and more dealing with. But how can the core competencies of designers be set on these areas, or do they need to change? What can designers do better (and therefore sell it) than other professionals? Evaluating myself, my education and career directions make this a question of high personal interest.
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Dots and Stripes for a Smooth Shave

While brushing my teeth one night I started looking at my boyfriend’s old and new shaver and noticed that they both have little dots serving as a grip surface. Also the bottle of after-shave had them even though they were all of different companies! The thing and smaller safety razors donned stripes instead. Coincidence or not?
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