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Designers aiming for social impact in the healthcare sector need not only pay attention to patients, but the needs, capabilities, desires and creativity of professionals trained to provide health care.
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Step Up – Hidden Exercise

The range, quality and types of sports equipment and services are improving greatly. However, if you speak of architecture, city planning or interior design, what are the ways to create integrated solutions that encourage people to naturally, happily, or without even noticing, to take those extra steps? Check these projects for some inspiration.

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Design Strategies of the Intangible

Social design, organization design, system design and design thinking overall…. the biggest trend being service design. User centered and user inspired design has set the stage for a bit longer already. These are topics that industrial designers are more and more dealing with. But how can the core competencies of designers be set on these areas, or do they need to change? What can designers do better (and therefore sell it) than other professionals? Evaluating myself, my education and career directions make this a question of high personal interest.
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