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Our universal faces

What happens, when we become desensitised to the countless faces we sweep by each day in our visual feeds? What remains, when a face is distorted or hidden?

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Seeing, Not Seeing

Walking past a cafeteria today, the dynamic of this perhaps-a-couple caught my eye. The expression on the woman’s face keeps haunting me…

Sketch of a couple sitting in a busy cafe. The man seems fixated on his phone and meal. The woman stares at the man, looking forlorn and disappointed.

Sketch by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), March 2017.

Insights on Paying: Designing Banking

In Nov 2011 I was standing in a hotel room in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on the lookout for glimpses of activities in the neighbourhood. Towering behind a block of closely built houses I saw a credit card advertisement promoting the wonders of online shopping. It struck me as mocking, since most of the people in this block were far more likely to conduct their digital transactions using feature phones, as a rapidly growing extension to a cash-only economy.
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Designers aiming for social impact in the healthcare sector need not only pay attention to patients, but the needs, capabilities, desires and creativity of professionals trained to provide health care.
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Aging with Grace

soft-worn cardboard aged beautifully – so wabi-sabi

old round paper needle box and pocket mirror leatherlike cardboard case

Field Work Learnings

Over 80% of my projects in the last two years have contained some form of contextual and participatory research: interviews and observation have been primarily represented but other approaches involved were design probes, design games and other workshop tools, walk-along, focus groups and mystery shopping. What practical lessons have I learned so far?

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Step Up – Hidden Exercise

The range, quality and types of sports equipment and services are improving greatly. However, if you speak of architecture, city planning or interior design, what are the ways to create integrated solutions that encourage people to naturally, happily, or without even noticing, to take those extra steps? Check these projects for some inspiration.

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Dots and Stripes for a Smooth Shave

While brushing my teeth one night I started looking at my boyfriend’s old and new shaver and noticed that they both have little dots serving as a grip surface. Also the bottle of after-shave had them even though they were all of different companies! The thing and smaller safety razors donned stripes instead. Coincidence or not?
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New Year’s Emotions

A prosperous and happy New Year for us all! I went to Senaatintori for the countdown for 2012 and most importantly, for the kickoff of Word Design Capital 2012. But for this post I will write about the fireworks at London, for that is what I’m gushing about more at the moment.
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Collective outdoor lounge

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Dutch vs. Finnish Bubble Gum Wraps

Little wonder if Dutch households pile up waste if small containers are in. I’ve been scouting our closest convenience store for larger packages of cold cuts but it seems like ten is the maximum amount in one wrap.
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Dutch Waste Management

While the temperature in Finland is reaching record lows it is already possible to stray out in flip flops and t-shirt here in Eindhoven – at least while taking the trash out. I was looking for statistics on how common recycling is in the Netherlands. In an comparison within the EU in 2008, Dutch households rated highest for creating waste. Yet the Dutch rate proportionally highest for waste ‘recovery’ as an option to incineration and dumping. As lowland is dominant and space is precious little favor seems to be on landfills!
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