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Art Safari #2

I like looking at art in museums. But there are those empty moments, questions and doubts as you walk past a lonely museum workshop room… What would it take for visitors to become more engaged? What would it take for an art museum to be more inclusive, social and playful?

a mobile page displaying a weekly art-related question, podcast and transcript links, as well as images of two contributors shown with three examples

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Portraits via pixabay

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Service evidence sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen

Art Safari #1

There’s an art museum in Stockholm (or was it Munich?) that has installed a special system: Step too close to a painting and you will hear a soft warning sound, nudging you to take a step back. As you stroll through the display rooms you’ll hear a steady stream of these tones sounding from all around the museum… but what if you could get that up and close to an art piece?

two smartphone screens: one showing a painting in full screen, another zoomed in very close

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // ‘Prophet Joel’ by Michelangelo, via Wikipedia

Illustrating a flow of zooming in and out of a image of a painting

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Last Judgement by Hieronymus Bosch, via Wikipedia

Everyday Scifi #1

Digital interface of a scifi system analysing a fitness boxers' performance in real time

UI sketch by Elisa Pyrhönen // Images by Calibe Thomson for Miami Fitness TV, via Flickr

Have we met before?

reality mix, Eva meets trash bin

Illustrator training // Photo & illustration by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), 2011

Quick Design Challenge

A smart phone app for Calvin Klein displaying a clock and videos sensitive to daily rhythm, changing content according to time. A half-day, in-course design challenge.
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