A smart phone app for Calvin Klein displaying a clock and videos sensitive to daily rhythm, changing content according to time. A half-day, in-course design challenge.

Workshop: Studying brand identities. Task 1: Analyze a given fashion brand. Present findings to others after two hours of work visually and verbally. Task 2: Receive a new fashion brand assigned together with it’s ‘identity brief’ and design one physical time piece, one smart phone clock app in two hours again.

Contribution: After discussing possible directions we set the ideas down for both time pieces and divided tasks for each group member. I took the design of the app’s clock that should incorporate the ck-initials. Unfortunately the short video loops (actual CK commercials) used in our presentation had to be turned into stills in order to be shown here. While we set down only the daily rhythm awareness, further neat features could be designed based on the smart phones functionality. I’m not talking about actual functions necessarily. It should be about making interaction with this tiny app fun and really appealing!

Team: Pei L., Kaushik E., Saana T., Erdem T.
Course: Design Strategy and Innovation, 2012, Industrial and Strategic Design, Aalto University.

All fashion brands were used in an illustrative way and were not involved in any way in the workshop or its briefing