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stop-motion animation + logo design for – I had fun drawing!


It’s time again for some visual identity makeover comparisons! This time with Microsoft, Kookenkä, Musta Pörssi and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. Not a particularly even listing, isn’t it?
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Hands Dancing on Air

Musical instruments are ultimate displays of craft. But what happens to form when a cello no longer requires a wooden resonant chamber to function – but uses an electric amplifier instead?

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Walk With Me

What makes pics of your feet / toes out and about so popular? Maybe its the idea of capturing what you see. Perhaps it is the fit for reproduction without much effort on modification. We might also be attracted to the ability of photos (albums) to freeze a place and moment in time.
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Step Up – Hidden Exercise

The range, quality and types of sports equipment and services are improving greatly. However, if you speak of architecture, city planning or interior design, what are the ways to create integrated solutions that encourage people to naturally, happily, or without even noticing, to take those extra steps? Check these projects for some inspiration.

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Tracing Motion

Core77 just ran a post today on the latest wave of French designs. What caught my eye were the candlesticks, lamp and vase which crisp form is based on Studio Nocc’s two designer’s audio recording (1). This reminded me of some other motion studies with almost over a century of time in between of their creation.
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Gift idea: a personal, handprinted exlibris (bookplate) with a custom made box. Here for my Mother in 2011. Original linocut design, handprinted on thick graphics paper. The paper lining the box is a publisher’s booklist cut out of a beautifully fading copy of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair.

Objects that Stare

grater side appearing to have a smiley face

This just makes me happy

stamped metal train seat backs with an apparently lost look

I always thought it was the commute under fluorescent lights that made the atmosphere drained in our local trains

wall mounted toilet flush button giving you a blank stare while raised toilet seat peaks to see you

Tell-tale looks

Alusta Project for Sanomatalo

Last week we were preparing for the upcoming interviews and building up our project space. Here’s the update on our Sanomatalo project.
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Zero Emissions Car

An unique man-powered urban vehicle spotted at Arabia! Two bicycles attached together with a canvas spanned between to serve as storage. The father rode the bicycle on the ride, but I suspect that it can be steered from either side.

Have we met before?

reality mix, Eva meets trash bin

Illustrator training // Photo & illustration by Elisa P (@pyrhoska), 2011

Service Prototyping

"printed service customization ticket for seniors, front side illustrated with a bird on a twig""printed service customization ticket for seniors, backside for instruction"
Quick mock-up created for a service idea for senior citizens, done in Illustrator

Quick Design Challenge

A smart phone app for Calvin Klein displaying a clock and videos sensitive to daily rhythm, changing content according to time. A half-day, in-course design challenge.
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