It’s time again for some visual identity makeover comparisons! This time with Microsoft, Kookenkä, Musta Pörssi and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. Not a particularly even listing, isn’t it?

Naturally, everybody’s buzzing (or not?) about the Microsoft logo change:

Microsoft pre 2012 logo
Microsoft 2012 logo

…of which I was reminded when seeing the new Kookenkä (previously K-Kenkä and Andiamo) identity by Win Win branding.

K-Kenkä store front

K-Kenkä Kamppi in old retail identity

Kookenkä new store identity


…and Musta Pörssi’s concept store in Sello:

…and the redo by Kuudes Kerros for Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, first started in Kamppi after the chain was sold from Sanoma to Otava. This time the change is most apparent inside the store:

old book store front


books store new visual identity

Img by Kuudes

Hmm, do I sense some sort of pattern here?
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