Recently, I wrote about scaling a design system when you are a lone designer (or part of a small team) within a tech led organisation. As it turned into a longer article, I found it best to add some illustrations.

I needed a style I could produce fast. And I tend to be fast with doodles like these.

This neon yellow – black – white color scheme had already crept into some of my virtual workshop boards (think posters and post its for various exercises).

I feel very much at home with this color scheme, so I expect it to stick around. It’s simple and energising.

I had also just discovered two artists: Sanae Fujita (@sanae.arts) and Tim (@iamsitting). Exploring their work has been highly enjoyable. Note that both use multi panel storytelling. I’m not familiar with Instagram’s desktop version but I suspect it’s nicer to explore these stories through the native mobile app.

Realising that I had strong inspiration sources, I wondered what my own twist to it would be. The answer came from storytelling, perspective variation, and character creation.


If you’d like to see a different styling with these elements – and a twist to the color scheme –  see these 2019 Inktober sketches.