A cartoonish character with a smile on their face, head open as a kettle, with tiny cars rushing on the rim, and their fumes flowing down, down, into the open head
A cartoonish character sweating and panting, sweating and panting, running on a treadmill with arms swinging and legs lagging
Distress and distort, vol. 2 / Inktober19 / by Elisa P
A cartoonish character gripping a window sill, with legs dangling down, black smoke billowing from the building... and a group of rescuers shouting and signaling to that tiny mattress that's supposed to turn that vast drop into a safe landing... such a tiny mattress in the distance
Distress and distort, vol. 3 / Inktober19 / by Elisa P

If this feels uncomfortable… it is meant to.