The rules I set myself this time were

  • Quick sketches
  • Exploring color

… as well as using three close-ups of everyday objects at home to suggest ’what to draw’… or paint.

I’ve worked more with ink than color, and more with lines than mass. This tends to show in my work.

It’s an area I feel I need to balance out.

I’ve learned so much by doing croquis. That’s why I decided to finish three pieces in a setting this time than try and use the same amount time perfect one piece.

Refining my coloring, shading, and finishing will happen gradually, as I get more experience under my belt. Maybe someday, I will feel as comfortable with these – as free to express an idea – as I feel with my line doodles.

Reference image for our title painting!

Reference image – The vacuum cleaner gasping

Sketch 2… by Elisa P, 2020

Reference image 3

Sketch 3, by Elisa P (2020)