Portrait of Jacques-Yves Cousteau in red parka and signature cap

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 – 1997)

This year’s winter fashion icon is settled: Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997)

Apparently I have developed something of an annual game out of selecting the ‘headcover of this winter’ (see the post on 2011/2012 and 2010/2011). It’s a fun sport of spotting current trends. This time the winner, as seen above along with the accompanying outfit of fur-trimmed parka, slim jeans and leather combat shoes, was blatantly clear in the streets of Helsinki (not only Arabianranta, Käpylä or Lauttasaari). Mostly its about young urban adults. The style is quite unisex, although the particular cuts and certain preferences are not. This other day I was passing through Kallio, somewhere around Helsinginkatu, I saw a two teenage boys and two to three girls of the same age, all wearing parkas, red cap for the gents and mussed up blond hair for the ladies. Although the red color in particular is something easy to spot at the moment, the general style of beanie caps can be seen all over.


I have also been wondering whether more grown-ups in Helsinki use hats these days: whether the last couple freezing winters have made it ok to do the smart thing and don a cap, instead of shivering on that bus/tram stop or on the way to the metro. Only two years ago I had a distinct out of place feeling when absolutely everybody on the morning bus was wearing a hat (except for the guy with a green mohawk) after the temperature had dropped from a steady -10’C to below -15’C. One thing is sure: whether or not parkas are the It-coat for this winter, or an adoption of fashion capitals’ past seasons’ looks, I rest my case.

Street fashion shot of a woman in green parka and red cousteau cap clutching smart phone

thestyleograph street shot from 2011 in Berlin, Mitte: woman named Janita

Products used in collage (including links)
Cousteau windstopper cap,
John Smedley Hanover Ribbed Beanie,
Woolrich Arctic Anorak parka for men, Woolrich Arctic parka for women,
unidentified label combat boots and
Vagabond army shoes

Cousteau portrait,
street fashion shot