While the temperature in Finland is reaching record lows it is already possible to stray out in flip flops and t-shirt here in Eindhoven – at least while taking the trash out. I was looking for statistics on how common recycling is in the Netherlands. In an comparison within the EU in 2008, Dutch households rated highest for creating waste. Yet the Dutch rate proportionally highest for waste ‘recovery’ as an option to incineration and dumping. As lowland is dominant and space is precious little favor seems to be on landfills!

avfal en vuilnisbak in Eindhoven

As a city that aspires to be the ‘Mecca for Technology, Design and Innovation’, Eindhoven has apparently made some effort for renewing waste treatment systems. Every resident, including me since the temporary registration, get’s a city pass. Alongside other services this card unlocks a trash can that compresses the bags into an underground container. You can see these all over the city, lined up on the streets. All too often you can also spot the weakest link in the system: trash bags put next to the locked containers for other residents or work crews to clean. I don’t know why the bins need to be locked. Is there a waste tax, is it for statistics, or a ‘security feature’ of some sort? I also found out that there are fifty or so energy waste containers over the city, two of which are located within a 10min walk from our house.

I do think that the waste treatment seems efficient enough and modern but I’m not convinced at all yet how much it effects behaviour. How much ‘waste’ is actually reduced, recycled or reused?