‘Third time’s the charm’. A short while ago I posted on three Finnish companies’ rebrands during the naughties. Now I’ve encountered two very different corporations that have recently published a redesign of their brand that certainly go for the set edges: Metsäliitto, a Finnish forest industry group founded in 1947 and music channel VIVA, part of MTV Germany and launched in 1993. I found it quite interesting to compare the two trailers to see how the new image is communicated.

Understandably Metsä is more concerned with share owners, business partners and customers as well as public media during a time of corporate reorganisation. VIVA’s trailer highlights the changes targeted to bring in an older than previous audience – and is shared by and for design driven followers.

VIVA video found through designenvy, Metso Group web page screenshot (link to video) image materials property of Metsä Group